Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Masters

I do not usually watch the Masters now but did a lot with my Dad when he was still alive. Back then I did not realize all the symbolism and how masonic it all was. I was just enjoying being with my Dad.
The Masters is such a big deal that it is hard not to see images and headlines about it and blog posts about who is going to win.
Jordan Speith is one of the front runners and I guess I have a dog in the hunt because he is from Texas University and I feel compelled to root for him.

Jordan Speith /Master Builders /Magnetic Hole /Wins the Masters = 58
That is an interesting amount of items that link up the same.

Rory Mcllroy =66 I just did a post about 66 and the Arches of Baal. Rory reminds me of all the People Magazine post about Rory and Joey and her death of cancer.  People = 33/69 and usually showcases who is in the club. 

The Masters are held in Augusta, Georgia . Augusta = 18 Georgia = 44 and it is on the 33rd parallel.  if you win, you get a green jacket = 99 green coat = 99. 

On their website, they have a few things highlighted today. One is a street sign that has Amen Corner (52/106)
Clubhouse (34/106) 
They have hole number 16 highlighted.  It is No. 16. If I spell out 16 with no. = 44.  16 to me is also 8 + 8 or 88. I seem to see that around a lot of big sporting events. Almost like a gang sign. 
They have hole number 18 highlighted also. 18 could be 6+6+6 or 9+9
Either way a lot of attention will be on this hole. 
They call spectators patrons and patron's guide = 58. Patron = 30 the first high level of a freemason. 

Image result for the masters pretty arches. 
The Augusta National course opened in 1933. The Augusta National Invitational 
(106/322) began on March 22, 1934 or 3/22. The Skull and Bones society uses that number.
                                               Image result for skull and bones society
Here is Jordan Speith doing the Masonic Hidden Hand with his Green Jacket.
                                     Image result for winners of masters in green jacket

 Maybe who ever wins the tournament will have the help of Bugs Bunny like Michael Jordan did in Space Jam. Bugs had a magnet under the hole that guided his magnetic ball into the hole.

                       Image result for bugs bunny magnet under golf hole in space jam

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