Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Danny Willett and his Tattoo

Very Reptilian Smile don't you think?  Green makes you look fat = 86/239. 239 is the age of United States right now.  This is Danny Willett and he won the Masters. Danny Willett= 42(chaldean hebrew way) . 42 is a Freemason number. His brothers tweet, " green makes you look fat "  is what some web sites are showing but the actual tweet says 'green makes you look fat. refuse the green jacket' and that is 144/396

         Green makes you look fat, refuse the jacket.#bbcgolf
              — P J Willett (@P_J_Willett) April 10, 2016

If you add the bbc golf  you get 173/443 which are both prime numbers.(40th and 86th to be exact)
They like to use prime numbers and fibonacci numbers to code things sometimes.

That tattoo is hard to see but I see an 8 or an infinite loop. (there is that 8 again that keeps showing up in sports) Under the infinite loop it looks like it has 111 * X and under that it looks like MCMLXXXX. I could be wrong on this but I have not found a better picture to see details. If you add the Roman Numerals you get 2190.  If you add 21+9=30 and 21+90=111. If you add the letters with gematria you get 38/137. 137 is the 33rd prime number. If you take 111 * 10 = 1110 + 2190 = 3300   That would be 33 because you drop the 0s in numerology. 

I think even without doing the math on this you could probably figure out this dude is part of the club. He might should have taken his brother's advice and refused the jacket. 

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