Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Roman Arch Unveiled in London

This is update on the Baal Arches that were suppose to go up in NY and London on April 19,2016.  Now they are the Temple of Triumph arches and only in London until September when it will be in NY. 

A scale replica of a landmark Roman arch that was destroyed by Islamic State fighters in Palmyra, Syria, was unveiled in Trafalgar Square, in London, on Tuesday. CreditFrank Augstein/Associated Press
LONDON — A landmark Roman arch that was destroyed by Islamic State fighters in Palmyra, Syria, stood proudly once again on Tuesday, this time as a replica built from digital models that was installed in Trafalgar Square in London.
Crews pieced together the replica arch on Monday, and it will be displayed in front of the National Gallery through Thursday. It will appear in New York City in September and will also travel to Dubai, a spokeswoman for the archaeology institute said


  1. This all sure seems so 'convenient' doesn't it! 'Oh, the (paid) Islamic fighter's destroyed this 'landmark' and it just so happens that we have these replica's to place in London and NY.' You know that deal where 'things' can host demonic presence, this is a classic example. I bet it's been 'blessed' by the occult priest (regardless the religion affiliation!), meaning constructed for the housing of fallen angel entities and may even be inline w/ the 'alien invasion' (blue beam or whatever)! I read recently in Jim's blog about a book that exemplifies this. Right under the pic of Gore, read that, then scroll down as he says to "this is a long and interesting read" and apply it to these 'replicas'!
    Thanks for posting these interesting subjects and topics!

    1. Hi, Thanks for pointing out about book in Jim's blog. I read his blog and had somehow missed that posting. I bet you are right. There had to be a reason that it had to be arches and had to be on that date and having it blessed with a demonic presence seems to fit.

  2. The missing pieces at the top of the arch shows what they have left to do: https://youtu.be/S3p-6z3-HyY

    1. Thanks for the video link. That was really interesting. :)