Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mandela Effect Febreeze

I have not talked about Mandela Effect in a while. Looks like there is another one. I totally remember Febreeze being like a breeze. Turns out it has changed.

                                           Image result for febreze
This spelling looks totally wrong to me. I thought Louie Anderson died a while back and turns out he is alive. I really do not know what to make of the Mandela Effect but something weird is going on.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Fake National Emergency

On February 20, 1971—45 years ago today--the National Emergency Warning Center in Colorado erroneously ordered U.S. radio and TV stations off the air. Some stations heeded the alert, which was not lifted for about 40 minutes. The glitch was the result of what was supposed to have been a scheduled test, but a teletype operator fed an incorrectly punched tape into the teletype transmitter. The message, sent to 5,000 radio and 800 TV stations across the country, included an authentication code not for a test, but for an actual national emergency, which at that time was the word “HATEFULNESS.” Not every station went off the air, but some station operators spent more than a few frightening minutes awaiting the start of a nuclear attack

Hatefulness = 40 and they were off the air 40 minutes.  February= 42 Freemason= 42 
If nothing else this was a major Oops. 

                                            Image result for radio tower

Friday, February 19, 2016

Gravity Falls Unicorn Mystery Shack Protection

I was curious about the Unicorn magic used to protect the Mystery Shack from Bill Cipher. I know that Stan had the unicorn hair but when the Shack was attacked a blue dome would cover the house and there are symbols. I was wondering if they were a made up cipher for the show or if they all ready existed. I found a web site.  For the triangle in the circle it says fire of rotation. For the triangle with a little c on top it is the fire of circulation. The A is pulverise.
Inline image

This is right after Bill Cipher has hit the house with his fist and is lifting up his fist. There might be a Solution Symbol on there too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bill Cipher and Xolotl

Turns out in the finale that the characters were destined to be at Gravity Falls at this time to be able to be on this wheel and hold hands to defeat Bill Cipher.  One of the twin Pines brothers had six fingers so his spot was easy to find.  There were two sets of twins in Ford and Stan and Mabel and Dipper Pines. This reminds me of the Back to the Future Twin Pines Mall and coding in that movie.  There is so much in these episodes that are coded. One thing that I missed from the finale was when Bill was defeated he spoke backwards and what he said was "My time has come to burn, I envoke the ancient power that I might return, and spelled out Xolotl.

In Aztec mythologyXolotl ([ˈʃolot͡ɬ]) was the god with associations to both lightning and death. He was connected to the sunset and would guard the Sun as it traveled through the underworld every night. Dogs were associated with Xolotl. This deity and a dog were believed to lead the soul on its journey to the underworld.[1] He was commonly depicted as a monstrous dog. Xolotl was the god of fire and lightning.[2]He was also god of twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness and deformities. Xolotl is the canine brother and twin of Quetzalcoatl,[3] the pair being sons of the virgin Coatlicue. He is the dark personification of Venus, the evening star, and was associated heavenly fire. -Wikipedia.

Xolotl = 26/93 Dog/God also = 26  Cedar=93 Bark=93 Saturn=93 
I guess Bill Cipher can come back anytime he wants to. The writers  have an opening to do a special if they wanted to. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gravity Falls showed Flat Earth Conspiracy

Gravity Falls is a TV show that shows every conspiracy any one is talking about. It had it's series finale last night. They managed to throw in Flat Earth. Bill Cipher was trapped in this dimension and when he was talking about it, the images were of Saturn going flat like the flat Earth map and then of being under a dome. He needed Ford to break the code of weirdmagnetism I think it was called, to break out of the dome.

Inline image

After this scene, the planet goes flat on the grid. He says that the world is flat with flat dreams and then is burst into flames.
The next image shows Bill under a dome and stuck in Gravity Falls. The kids were able to save their Uncle Ford by using the Mystery Shack as a Pacific Rim type of robot to distract Bill.
I have been watching X files reloaded and so far have been disappointed that they have not touched on Flat Earth. It has been great to watch X files again but still feels a little dated.
My son and I have had lots of fun watching Gravity Falls and we are sad to see it go but it was a good ending and at least it got an ending.

Image result for gravity falls weirdmageddon 3 take back the falls

Goodbye Mystery Shack. Summer is over.
4-19-10 5-25-11-22-9- 5 8-12-23-21-19-20 23-6-9-3-10-20 23 1-16-19-19-12TEN SYMBOLS PLACED AROUND A WHEEL Combined
16-23-10-20 15-10 16-23-10-20 4-16-19-25'12-12 22-9-10-20 4-16-19 5-19-23-12HAND IN HAND THEY'LL BOND THE SEAL
22-3-4 22-6-19-23-13 4-16-19 21-16-23-15-10, 23-10-20 8-23-25 4-16-19 21-9-5-4BUT BREAK THE CHAIN, AND PAY THE COST
4-16-19 8-6-9-8-16-19-21-25 1-15-12-12 23-12-12 22-19 12-9-5-4THE PROPHECY WILL ALL BE LOST
18-23-20-19-20 8-15-21-4-3-6-19-5 22-12-19-23-21-16-19-20 22-25 5-3-10FADED PICTURES BLEACHED BY SUN Combined
4-16-19 4-23-12-19'5 4-9-12-20, 4-16-19 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-9-10-19THE TALE'S TOLD, THE SUMMER'S DONE
15-10 11-19-11-9-6-15-19-5 4-16-19 8-15-10-19-5 5-4-15-12-12 8-12-23-25IN MEMORIES THE PINES STILL PLAY
9-10 23 5-3-10-10-25 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-23-25ON A SUNNY SUMMER'S DAY


Wikipedia ciphers decoded for last episode.  At the beginning of each episode the cipher being used would be said backwards so you could figure out the ciphers being shown throughout the show.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Order of the Golden Dawn and Super Bowl 50

There is a guy at RevelationNow.Net that did a post about rune magic and Order of the Golden Dawn symbols being used during Super Bowl 50 half time show. I am not sure he is right but it did give me something to research and there are some similar symbols and colors. I am not so sure about the performers being chosen because their birth dates matched up to the planet alignment.

Image result for super bowl 50 halftime show

Image result for super bowl 50 halftime show

Image result for super bowl 50 halftime show coldplay

Image result for order of the golden dawn          Image result for order of the golden dawn 

Per Wikipedia:
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (LatinOrdo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae; or, more commonly, The Golden Dawn (Aurora Aureae)) was an organization devoted to the study and practice of the occultmetaphysics, and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Known as a magical order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was active in Great Britain and focused its practices on theurgy and spiritual development. Many present-day concepts of ritual and magic that are at the centre of contemporary traditions, such as Wicca[1][2] andThelema, were inspired by the Golden Dawn, which became one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry

Coldplay is the one of the performers at the half time show. Her is the cover of their new album

Image result for coldplay

Friday, February 12, 2016


Image result for buc ee'sThere is a Buc-ee's billboard on I35 that says. JEET?
I do not know if it is sad or not that I know what that says. Probably said. :)
Jeet is slang or redneck for" Did you eat?".  I cannot decide if those E's are tridents or meant to be 2 M's like the candy. My eyes get drawn to them every time I see the name. They do have the cheapest gas around so I end up stopping for gas.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Denver Wins Super Bowl 50

Denver Wins 24 - 10 over Carolina. Well I was wrong. I guess you cannot predict a super bowl off of  a commercial. It was sort of a boring game.I liked the halftime show but I like Coldplay. I liked all the color and the love message. Beyonce seemed out of place but I guess it was a good place for her to announce she is doing a world tour.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Bowl 50 or L

The Roman numeral for 50 is L. This year they decided to go with Arabic number instead of L.
F.Y.I.  the Super Bowl is being played at Levi Stadium.  If you take the L or 50 and move it to the back of the word , you have eviL. I really hope that nothing evil happens because I have friends and family in the bay area. For the record, I am against evil period.
I think some times numbers line up as planned and some times they just happen. I bought something yesterday and the total was $11.33. That was random. I think it is interesting that California=88 and Bear= 88. Earthquake Super Bowl L =88

Image result for california flagCalifornia flag. California Republc=93

They have been showing a short You tube video of  Cam and Peyton both being number 1. The time stamp is 1:15 and the thumbnail shows Cam with his 1 jersey and Peyton with his 18 jersey and 11 transposed over both. It will not let me do a screen shot but here is the link.  javascript:void(0)
I hope I am not adding to the fear mongering but I find it interesting that so many movies over the years and this year have shown the Golden Gate Bridge exploding. Golden Gate Bridge Explodes = 118 like Cam and Peyton's jerseys but together. If you add 110 to 118 you get 228. Peyton Manning Epic Fail = 228. That might be a reach but it you look at the thumbnail of the video it kind of makes sense. I fully expect this super bowl to come and go and nothing happen. It is fun to look at the numbers they are putting in your face.
Image result for super bowl  50 cam and peyton

Monday, February 1, 2016

NFL Channel , Super Bowl 50 , and 88

This image is on the NFL Channel website. They have been showing commercials for this also. When I think 88, I think of Back to the Future and having to go 88mph.  It takes Mercury 88 days orbit for a year. There are 88 search lights for memorial of  WTC.

Some say that the number 88 has to do with time and time travel.
It could be that it is one of the master numbers as 11 x 8 = 88.
The Youtube channel Polarization Nation Media thinks that something is going to happen this year at the Super Bowl. He could be right. He has found what he believes to be the Marty McFly code in Back to the Future that predicts another 9/11. His date for this is Oct 4, 2016 or 10/4. Youtuber Matthew Nicholson has the date of 11/26/2016 for start of WW3 and end of America because from 9/11/01 to 11//26/16 is 5555 days. Could be they are both right. There is an event that leads to bigger event that leads to war. Only TIME will tell.

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