Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Bowl 50 or L

The Roman numeral for 50 is L. This year they decided to go with Arabic number instead of L.
F.Y.I.  the Super Bowl is being played at Levi Stadium.  If you take the L or 50 and move it to the back of the word , you have eviL. I really hope that nothing evil happens because I have friends and family in the bay area. For the record, I am against evil period.
I think some times numbers line up as planned and some times they just happen. I bought something yesterday and the total was $11.33. That was random. I think it is interesting that California=88 and Bear= 88. Earthquake Super Bowl L =88

Image result for california flagCalifornia flag. California Republc=93

They have been showing a short You tube video of  Cam and Peyton both being number 1. The time stamp is 1:15 and the thumbnail shows Cam with his 1 jersey and Peyton with his 18 jersey and 11 transposed over both. It will not let me do a screen shot but here is the link.  javascript:void(0)
I hope I am not adding to the fear mongering but I find it interesting that so many movies over the years and this year have shown the Golden Gate Bridge exploding. Golden Gate Bridge Explodes = 118 like Cam and Peyton's jerseys but together. If you add 110 to 118 you get 228. Peyton Manning Epic Fail = 228. That might be a reach but it you look at the thumbnail of the video it kind of makes sense. I fully expect this super bowl to come and go and nothing happen. It is fun to look at the numbers they are putting in your face.
Image result for super bowl  50 cam and peyton

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