Monday, February 13, 2017

Baylor University petitions to be Sanctuary Campus

Baylor Students Petition for Sanctuary Campus Status

Baylor University joined the mushrooming list of American college campuses eager to declare sanctuary campus status. A handful of graduate students from the religion department petitioned to defy federal and state laws to provide a safe haven to students, faculty, and community members living in the United States illegally.

Oh my gosh. What has happened to that school? My Dad graduated from Baylor University and my Mom also went there. He would be rolling over in his grave if he saw how this campus has changed.
It is not enough you have all the problems with the football dept. and rape charges but now going against the law of the land by the RELIGION DEPARTMENT!!!!!  Did they miss the part where there is EXTREME vetting to get past the pearly gates into heaven? 

                           Image result for extreme vetting to get into heaven
According to the article, at least some on campus are against this idea. I hope that Baylor can get back to what made it a great school and put God back into what they do.

****UPDATE***** Feb. 22, 2017
WACO - Baylor officials rejected a plea from students to make the University a “Sanctuary Campus” on Monday.
President Garland released a statement saying the University is bound to uphold all federal and state laws.
“It is not in the University’s best interests – nor in keeping with our legal covenants- to declare Baylor a ‘sanctuary campus’ without the proper authorization or legal authority,” President Garland wrote.
So glad that common sense prevailed. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lactose Intolerance by Ethnicity and Region

Lactose intolerance percentages were taken directly from the source referenced. The fact that some percentages are exact and others are provided as a range is the result of the research methodologies used by the authors of the respective studies. Please note that the data below references lactose intolerance only and not milk allergy. For information on the differences between Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy please click here.

Ethnicity /
Geographic Region
% With Lactose Intolerance
1. East Asian90-100%1
2. Indigenous (North America)80-100%3
3. Central Asian80%1
4. African American (North America)75%2
5. African (Africa)70-90%1
6. Indian (Southern India)70%1
7. French (Southern France)65%1
8. Ashkenazi Jew (North America)60-80%3
9. Balkans Region55%1
Ethnicity /
Geographic Region
% With Lactose Intolerance
10. Latino/Hispanic (North America)51%2
11. Indian (Northern India)30%1
12. Anglo (North America)21%2
13. Italian (Italy)20-70%1
14. French (Northern France)17%1
15. Finnish (Finland)17%1
16. Austrian (Austria)15-20%1
17. German (Germany)15%1
18. British (U.K.)5-15%1
  1. Michael de Vrese, MD  "Probiotics: Compensation for Lactase Insufficiency," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Feb., 2001
  2. Nevin S. Scrimshaw, MD  "The Acceptability of Milk and Milk Products in Populations with a High Prevalence of Lactose Intolerance," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Oct., 1988
  3. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development  "Lactose Intolerance: Information for Health Care Providers," NIH Publication No. 05-5303B, Jan., 2006
Maybe Milk is racist. Who knew? I had no idea until this week. :)

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