Monday, November 23, 2015

666 Good and Bad

 Dragon Ball Z Gohan and the daughter of Satan,Videl (devil)

I did not realize that 666 was consider a lucky number in Asia until recently. When I saw this in the cartoon Dragon Ball Z I just assumed that the 666 was there because of Satan. Satan was a fighter that took credit for saving the world and got really rich and had a city named after him. He has his name on everything and the girl in this photo is his daughter. 

In Asia the phrase things going smoothly and 666 sound the same and is considered very lucky. Shop keepers will put a 666 in the window or around door of shop for good luck. 

The number 4 is considered bad luck in Japan. Four and death sound the same in Japan.
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It is funny that in Dragon Ball, Goku's grandpa gave him a dragon ball with 4 stars.

9 in pronounce "ku" which is agony or torture. The main character is Goku.  Knowing these facts about numbers and Asia helped me get the jokes in Dragon Ball. In the Western culture 666 is considered the Mark of the Beast from the Bible and is to be avoided. 

.Image result for mysterious stone balls Maybe the stones found all over the world are unused dragon balls. Mystery Solved. :) 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


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When we first moved into this area I did not know we were moving close to SpaceX . My first clue was when my son and I were unpacking boxes while my husband was at work. We heard what sounds like an earthquake but in the sky. The sound does not come from a certain direction and sounds mechanical and then it suddenly stops as if a switch has been flipped. The sounds can last as little as 30 seconds or last a few minutes. Our next clue was seeing huge tube shaped objects trying to navigate small farm to market roads and bridges. I finally found out about SpaceX in McGregor where their testing facility is located. We do not live particularly close to McGregor but our house was built on huge slab of limestone and we feel everything. If my neighbor slams his car door the pictures on the wall in my kitchen rattle. So when Spacex had their explosion this year we did not hear a lot of testing but they seem to be back. I have been hearing testing a couple times a day it seems.The engines sound a bit different.  Back in March at almost 11pm they decided they would test 9 engines at once. That really did rattle our house and I was diving to catch pictures. I cannot image how loud that was if you lived close to the testing. It made the news the next day but when I went searching for the story to post a link here I could not find anything about it but it made an impression on me.
I can see my house from here. Hahaha.

Friday, November 20, 2015

47 and Star Trek Voyager

Image result for mason triad hand sign show horus isisThe 47th problem of Euclid is show at the left and is where Pythagorean theorem  comes from. Star Trek Voyager used lots of  47's in dialog or numbers shown whenever they could. There are lots of websites and you tube videos that show examples and explain about the college that this came from and how the producers did this as a joke. I have not seen anyone show Chakotay or Janeway doing the 47 triad with their hands or that Chakotay's tattoo looks like Roman Numerals for 3, 4 and 5 as a nod to 47th problem. I think the actors did what they were told. I am not implying they are Masons. I just think this show more 47 placement
.Image result for chakotay tattooImage result for chakotayImage result for janeway
Also the tattoo is over his eye to mark as Horus and they had him hookup with the other Horus of the crew in Seven of Nine. Maybe they were thinking 4+4 = 8 so 7, 8, 9.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Birth Name = 66

So once I started looking into Gematria I started noticing lots of numbers in my life that keep coming up.
My maiden name = 66
My husband's name = 66
My son's first and last name = 66
The name we use for craft shows = 66
Woman = 66
The address of the house I grew up in was 906 and nine hundred and six = 66/88
The hospital I was born in = 66
The city and state we moved to after we were married = 66 and another city and state where we have lived the longest = 66
I was born on the 75th day of the year and seventy-fifth = 55
The high was 75 degrees on the day I was born on the 75th day
The low was 46 degrees which is 7.77778 celsius
My married name = 44
My Mother's maiden name = 44
My Dad's name = 44
Grandmother's married name - 44
Husband's last name = 44
The name of the place we meet = 44
My son was born on Valentine's Day which = 44
Sixtenth = 38
My Mother's married name  = 38
The city and state we live in now = 33
Pisces = 26 (God number)
I was born on a Saturday = 22
I was born in the Spring = 22
My Father's first name = 22
My Mother's first name = 16
I was born on the 16th
The hospitals initials = 16
Daily Summary
Mean Temperature60 °F58 °F
Max Temperature75 °F69 °F90 °F (1902)
Min Temperature46 °F47 °F28 °F (1913)
Degree Days
Heating Degree Days48
Month to date heating degree days153
Since 1 July heating degree days1965
Cooling Degree Days01
Month to date cooling degree days15
Year to date cooling degree days24
Growing Degree Days10 (Base 50)
Dew Point48 °F
Average Humidity66
Maximum Humidity100
Minimum Humidity23
Precipitation0.00 in0.10 in1.03 in (1998)
Month to date precipitation1.75
Year to date precipitation6.50
Snow0.00 in0.00 inT in (1928)
Month to date snowfall0.1
Since 1 July snowfall1.0
Snow Depth-
Sea Level Pressure
Sea Level Pressure30.25 in
Wind Speed6 mph (NNE)
Max Wind Speed16 mph
Max Gust Speed-
Visibility13 miles
So the avg. humidity was 66, the max wind speeds was 16.
There are some other weird numbers in that 3's and 1's seem to be all around me. Our current address is 311 and our car has 33 in license number also the numbers in mine and my husbands birthdays. The city and state I was born = 111 The DMS latitude is 31'33'35.3304. Not sure this means anything but thought it was kinda cool.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pigpen Cipher or Freemason Cipher

Here is another fun cipher.

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Templar Cipher

I think ciphers are cool. My son and I watch Gravity Falls and there is all kinds or ciphers to decode at the end of each episode.
I just ran across a new one the Templar Cipher.


On Friday November 13, 2015 France had what is being called their 9/11. It has dominated the news for days now. I decided I would put out a few observations. In the Republic of France calendar the year is 224. The country code for calling France is +33. There just happened to be a drill taking place with the EMTs on multiple attacks at the same time. A lot of the photos look like drill photos. Example that the cafe that a bomb when off has two chairs knocked over.
Image result for france attacks suicide bomber cafeOrange is the only color that equals 33 in gemtria.
In some photos there are license plates with 33. I had read somewhere that if it was a staged event that the newscasters or reporter would have on purple. I had just told my husband this and to watch for the numbers 33 or 6 and no sooner had he turned on CNN, than the anchor had on a purple scarf and the picture they showed had a 6 on the side of a vehicle. The next thing you look for is what is happening as a result of this event.
Hegelian Dialectic is simple the Problem-Reaction-Solution that the powers that be like to use. They also like order out of chaos. So Paris got a curfew and put on marshall law and their borders got closed. This has not happened since WW2. hmmmm  Also it was pretty amazing that a passport was left that points to Syria and now France can help with Syrian war. Now the G20 summit is happening in Turkey. It will be interesting to see what happens in the following days.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anno Lucis

A.L. or Year of Light is the Freemason Calendar. You add 4000 years to the current year. For example 4000 + 2015= 6015
However, this dating system refers only to the Craft Rite. Other Rites use different calenders. 

Royal Arch Masons date their calenders A.I., Anno Inventionis (In The Year of the Discovery), which is found by adding 530 years to the common date. 

Cryptic Masons date their calenders A. Dep. (Anno Depositis), "In the year of the Deposit", which is found by adding 1000 years to the common year. 

Knights Templar date their calenders A.O., Anno Ordinis, In the year of the Order, which begins with year 1118 C.E. (with 1119 being year 1 A.O.)

Scottish Rite Masons date their calenders A.M., Anno Mundi, In the year of the World, which is similar to Anno Lucis, except it uses the Jewish calculation instead of the Christian one. This is also known as Anno Hebraico, when used by Jews who are not Masons.

So if I am calculating correctly...AL 6015 / AI 2545 / AD 3015 / AO 897 / AM 2015+ 3760= 5775

Hebrew Calendar 5776   Islamic 1437  Ethiopian  2008  Persian 1394 Indian Civil 1937
French Republican 224  Today's date on the Julian Calendar is Nov. 1st