Sunday, November 22, 2015


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When we first moved into this area I did not know we were moving close to SpaceX . My first clue was when my son and I were unpacking boxes while my husband was at work. We heard what sounds like an earthquake but in the sky. The sound does not come from a certain direction and sounds mechanical and then it suddenly stops as if a switch has been flipped. The sounds can last as little as 30 seconds or last a few minutes. Our next clue was seeing huge tube shaped objects trying to navigate small farm to market roads and bridges. I finally found out about SpaceX in McGregor where their testing facility is located. We do not live particularly close to McGregor but our house was built on huge slab of limestone and we feel everything. If my neighbor slams his car door the pictures on the wall in my kitchen rattle. So when Spacex had their explosion this year we did not hear a lot of testing but they seem to be back. I have been hearing testing a couple times a day it seems.The engines sound a bit different.  Back in March at almost 11pm they decided they would test 9 engines at once. That really did rattle our house and I was diving to catch pictures. I cannot image how loud that was if you lived close to the testing. It made the news the next day but when I went searching for the story to post a link here I could not find anything about it but it made an impression on me.
I can see my house from here. Hahaha.

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