Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anno Lucis

A.L. or Year of Light is the Freemason Calendar. You add 4000 years to the current year. For example 4000 + 2015= 6015
However, this dating system refers only to the Craft Rite. Other Rites use different calenders. 

Royal Arch Masons date their calenders A.I., Anno Inventionis (In The Year of the Discovery), which is found by adding 530 years to the common date. 

Cryptic Masons date their calenders A. Dep. (Anno Depositis), "In the year of the Deposit", which is found by adding 1000 years to the common year. 

Knights Templar date their calenders A.O., Anno Ordinis, In the year of the Order, which begins with year 1118 C.E. (with 1119 being year 1 A.O.)

Scottish Rite Masons date their calenders A.M., Anno Mundi, In the year of the World, which is similar to Anno Lucis, except it uses the Jewish calculation instead of the Christian one. This is also known as Anno Hebraico, when used by Jews who are not Masons.

So if I am calculating correctly...AL 6015 / AI 2545 / AD 3015 / AO 897 / AM 2015+ 3760= 5775

Hebrew Calendar 5776   Islamic 1437  Ethiopian  2008  Persian 1394 Indian Civil 1937
French Republican 224  Today's date on the Julian Calendar is Nov. 1st 

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