Tuesday, November 17, 2015


On Friday November 13, 2015 France had what is being called their 9/11. It has dominated the news for days now. I decided I would put out a few observations. In the Republic of France calendar the year is 224. The country code for calling France is +33. There just happened to be a drill taking place with the EMTs on multiple attacks at the same time. A lot of the photos look like drill photos. Example that the cafe that a bomb when off has two chairs knocked over.
Image result for france attacks suicide bomber cafeOrange is the only color that equals 33 in gemtria.
In some photos there are license plates with 33. I had read somewhere that if it was a staged event that the newscasters or reporter would have on purple. I had just told my husband this and to watch for the numbers 33 or 6 and no sooner had he turned on CNN, than the anchor had on a purple scarf and the picture they showed had a 6 on the side of a vehicle. The next thing you look for is what is happening as a result of this event.
Hegelian Dialectic is simple the Problem-Reaction-Solution that the powers that be like to use. They also like order out of chaos. So Paris got a curfew and put on marshall law and their borders got closed. This has not happened since WW2. hmmmm  Also it was pretty amazing that a passport was left that points to Syria and now France can help with Syrian war. Now the G20 summit is happening in Turkey. It will be interesting to see what happens in the following days.

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