Monday, November 23, 2015

666 Good and Bad

 Dragon Ball Z Gohan and the daughter of Satan,Videl (devil)

I did not realize that 666 was consider a lucky number in Asia until recently. When I saw this in the cartoon Dragon Ball Z I just assumed that the 666 was there because of Satan. Satan was a fighter that took credit for saving the world and got really rich and had a city named after him. He has his name on everything and the girl in this photo is his daughter. 

In Asia the phrase things going smoothly and 666 sound the same and is considered very lucky. Shop keepers will put a 666 in the window or around door of shop for good luck. 

The number 4 is considered bad luck in Japan. Four and death sound the same in Japan.
Image result for dragon balls
It is funny that in Dragon Ball, Goku's grandpa gave him a dragon ball with 4 stars.

9 in pronounce "ku" which is agony or torture. The main character is Goku.  Knowing these facts about numbers and Asia helped me get the jokes in Dragon Ball. In the Western culture 666 is considered the Mark of the Beast from the Bible and is to be avoided. 

.Image result for mysterious stone balls Maybe the stones found all over the world are unused dragon balls. Mystery Solved. :) 

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