Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Birth Name = 66

So once I started looking into Gematria I started noticing lots of numbers in my life that keep coming up.
My maiden name = 66
My husband's name = 66
My son's first and last name = 66
The name we use for craft shows = 66
Woman = 66
The address of the house I grew up in was 906 and nine hundred and six = 66/88
The hospital I was born in = 66
The city and state we moved to after we were married = 66 and another city and state where we have lived the longest = 66
I was born on the 75th day of the year and seventy-fifth = 55
The high was 75 degrees on the day I was born on the 75th day
The low was 46 degrees which is 7.77778 celsius
My married name = 44
My Mother's maiden name = 44
My Dad's name = 44
Grandmother's married name - 44
Husband's last name = 44
The name of the place we meet = 44
My son was born on Valentine's Day which = 44
Sixtenth = 38
My Mother's married name  = 38
The city and state we live in now = 33
Pisces = 26 (God number)
I was born on a Saturday = 22
I was born in the Spring = 22
My Father's first name = 22
My Mother's first name = 16
I was born on the 16th
The hospitals initials = 16
Daily Summary
Mean Temperature60 °F58 °F
Max Temperature75 °F69 °F90 °F (1902)
Min Temperature46 °F47 °F28 °F (1913)
Degree Days
Heating Degree Days48
Month to date heating degree days153
Since 1 July heating degree days1965
Cooling Degree Days01
Month to date cooling degree days15
Year to date cooling degree days24
Growing Degree Days10 (Base 50)
Dew Point48 °F
Average Humidity66
Maximum Humidity100
Minimum Humidity23
Precipitation0.00 in0.10 in1.03 in (1998)
Month to date precipitation1.75
Year to date precipitation6.50
Snow0.00 in0.00 inT in (1928)
Month to date snowfall0.1
Since 1 July snowfall1.0
Snow Depth-
Sea Level Pressure
Sea Level Pressure30.25 in
Wind Speed6 mph (NNE)
Max Wind Speed16 mph
Max Gust Speed-
Visibility13 miles
So the avg. humidity was 66, the max wind speeds was 16.
There are some other weird numbers in that 3's and 1's seem to be all around me. Our current address is 311 and our car has 33 in license number also the numbers in mine and my husbands birthdays. The city and state I was born = 111 The DMS latitude is 31'33'35.3304. Not sure this means anything but thought it was kinda cool.

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  1. Notice the time stamp of 11:44. I did not plan that. I did not even look at that until I was editing this post.