Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gravity Falls showed Flat Earth Conspiracy

Gravity Falls is a TV show that shows every conspiracy any one is talking about. It had it's series finale last night. They managed to throw in Flat Earth. Bill Cipher was trapped in this dimension and when he was talking about it, the images were of Saturn going flat like the flat Earth map and then of being under a dome. He needed Ford to break the code of weirdmagnetism I think it was called, to break out of the dome.

Inline image

After this scene, the planet goes flat on the grid. He says that the world is flat with flat dreams and then is burst into flames.
The next image shows Bill under a dome and stuck in Gravity Falls. The kids were able to save their Uncle Ford by using the Mystery Shack as a Pacific Rim type of robot to distract Bill.
I have been watching X files reloaded and so far have been disappointed that they have not touched on Flat Earth. It has been great to watch X files again but still feels a little dated.
My son and I have had lots of fun watching Gravity Falls and we are sad to see it go but it was a good ending and at least it got an ending.

Image result for gravity falls weirdmageddon 3 take back the falls

Goodbye Mystery Shack. Summer is over.
4-19-10 5-25-11-22-9- 5 8-12-23-21-19-20 23-6-9-3-10-20 23 1-16-19-19-12TEN SYMBOLS PLACED AROUND A WHEEL Combined
16-23-10-20 15-10 16-23-10-20 4-16-19-25'12-12 22-9-10-20 4-16-19 5-19-23-12HAND IN HAND THEY'LL BOND THE SEAL
22-3-4 22-6-19-23-13 4-16-19 21-16-23-15-10, 23-10-20 8-23-25 4-16-19 21-9-5-4BUT BREAK THE CHAIN, AND PAY THE COST
4-16-19 8-6-9-8-16-19-21-25 1-15-12-12 23-12-12 22-19 12-9-5-4THE PROPHECY WILL ALL BE LOST
18-23-20-19-20 8-15-21-4-3-6-19-5 22-12-19-23-21-16-19-20 22-25 5-3-10FADED PICTURES BLEACHED BY SUN Combined
4-16-19 4-23-12-19'5 4-9-12-20, 4-16-19 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-9-10-19THE TALE'S TOLD, THE SUMMER'S DONE
15-10 11-19-11-9-6-15-19-5 4-16-19 8-15-10-19-5 5-4-15-12-12 8-12-23-25IN MEMORIES THE PINES STILL PLAY
9-10 23 5-3-10-10-25 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-23-25ON A SUNNY SUMMER'S DAY


Wikipedia ciphers decoded for last episode.  At the beginning of each episode the cipher being used would be said backwards so you could figure out the ciphers being shown throughout the show.


  1. Watched most of it last evening. I'm pausing it now and then because it goes so FAST. Another reason subliminals can be placed in discreetly or just placed in! The interesting thing would be what they’re saying. If you watched TruthStream Media’s take, you’d see more of what I mean: http://truthstreammedia.com/?s=subliminal the one they did with the National Anthem 1960 (scroll down on page) was good - obey, Gov’s god, etc. You might like checking out some of their material too.
    The flat earth makes sense. The rip in the dimensional fabric brings CERN to mind and related to the Effect: Fabreze result?
    One thought, about Stan and his memory being wiped. Goes w/ the illusion of us living in a matrix, like it's not real (Surrogate movie). Notice the indoctrination in that arena.
    Oh, you have a missing pic in this posting under Bill’s pic. Thanks for the interesting thoughts!

    1. Hi. Thanks for telling me about the truthstream site. I had seen the national anthem and if they could do that then, they have much better things they can do now. I think that Cern and the time shifts could explain what is going on with Mandela effect. Thanks for letting me know about missing picture. I will try to fix the link.