Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Fake National Emergency

On February 20, 1971—45 years ago today--the National Emergency Warning Center in Colorado erroneously ordered U.S. radio and TV stations off the air. Some stations heeded the alert, which was not lifted for about 40 minutes. The glitch was the result of what was supposed to have been a scheduled test, but a teletype operator fed an incorrectly punched tape into the teletype transmitter. The message, sent to 5,000 radio and 800 TV stations across the country, included an authentication code not for a test, but for an actual national emergency, which at that time was the word “HATEFULNESS.” Not every station went off the air, but some station operators spent more than a few frightening minutes awaiting the start of a nuclear attack

Hatefulness = 40 and they were off the air 40 minutes.  February= 42 Freemason= 42 
If nothing else this was a major Oops. 

                                            Image result for radio tower

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