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Hennessy Commercial, The Dome and Nut and Geb

Thanks to DC for linking a youtube video in comment section that talked about the Hennessy Commercial.   The comment section on this commercial has some cool topics and one I had researched but had not blogged about. Nut and Geb.
I really like researching what the ancients thought from different cultures because I think there might be a lot of truth in their narratives. 

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In the Hennessy commercial, it shows a father and his son. One breaks the barrier of space and one breaks the barrier of the deepest spot in the ocean. At the end there is a slogan that says "what's your wild rabbit" alluding to going down the rabbit hole. The thing about this commercial is it is very much showing a world enclosed in water. When the father goes through the atmosphere, he breaks through into the ocean above. We have only been able to drill about eight feet down in the firmament. We are very much meant to stay in certain areas. If you get to high, you run out of oxygen, if you go to low, there is too much pressure and heat. If you go out in the oceans around the north or south poles it gets too rough and dangerous. I am not sure why a major commercial would actually show what a lot of flat earthers are starting to believe unless the powers that be are going to start releasing information and start a real push for a one world religion. Flat earth is very much being gate kept in it's narrative and those that were really being creative in explaining how flat earth might work are hard to find on youtube any more or have stopped putting out content. The gate keepers are very much pushing a dome narrative. It could very well have a dome but I like to keep my options open. It makes sense to me that there is water above us. You do have space ships after all and the navy has a space program. The idea of space being nothing has all ways bothered me. Nature abhors a vacuum.  In a lot of creation stories it starts with there being water and it being divided.  The Gnostic belief is that the demiurge  either made this world or is ruling it. When you combine that with the legend of Mt. Meru and the world being surrounded by gold.(gold at the end of the rainbow legend?) maybe the Beatles were right and we do live in a yellow submarine. 

Mount Meru or Mount Sumeru (Skt. sumeruparvata; Tib. རི་རབ་Wyl. ri rab) is a mountain square in shape with four sides, larger at the top than at the bottom. It is 80,000 yojanas (450,000 km) high. It lies at the centre of the world. Around it are seven freshwater lakes separated by seven rings of golden mountains. Outside, in a great salty ocean, are the four continents and eight subcontinents (two out at sea, left and right of each of the continents). We humans live on the southern continent called 'Jambudvipa'. This entire world system is surrounded by a ring of iron mountains. The universe is made of many such worlds. For instance, a trichiliocosm is composed of one billion such worlds.
At the top of Mount Meru is the lowest abode of the gods of the Desire Realm (the terraces of the Four Great Kings). In the space above are the five other abodes of the gods of the Desire Realm and those of the gods of the Form Realm. It rests on the universal golden basis. Usually it is said that the pretas live on its sides, in cavities between the limit of the waters down to the golden basis.
Its four sides are made of four different precious substances: the south of lapis-lazuli, the west of ruby, the north of gold and the east of crystal (Tib. shel).[1] Since we are living on the southern continent of Jambudvipa and the southern side of Mount Meru is blue, this explains why the seas around and the sky above us are blue. The shine of the blue lapis-lazuli reflects on the marine waters in front. Upon hitting the surface it reflects and appears in the space above. So rather than there being something blue above us, the space appears blue because of the reflection of the lapis-lazuli of Mount Meru's southern side. Similarly the oceans and the sky are respectively red, yellow and white in the West, North and East directions of Mount Meru
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The sky is Nut's body, arching from horizon to horizon. Geb is the Earth, lying beneath her. During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had come closer to the earth.
These are two examples of ancient myths that use an enclosed world. There are many more.  In looking into Nut and Geb, I thought it was interesting that that there seems to be reference to tectonic plates in this myth.
From the union of Geb and Nut came, among others, the most popular of Egyptian goddesses, Isis, the mother of Horus, whose story is central to that of her brother-husband, the resurrection god Osiris. Osiris is killed by his brother Seth and scattered over the Earth in 14 pieces which Isis gathers up and puts back together.
                                     There are 15 tectonic plates
                               Antarctic plate.png
                                      Tectonic Plates in Azimuthal Projection of Antarctic
They could have been off by one or an earthquake could have made one more. Could be a stretch but I thought it was interesting.  
I do not remember if I first heard this from Stars are Souls or WaykiWayki but I like the idea of what we see as the Milky Way actually being a rip in the firmament . 
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I have no problem believing that some kind of destroyer came through the firmament and flooded the world on one or more occasion. It looks like some kind of battle damage. If we are going to start seeing more commercials like the Hennessy one, maybe we will find out soon what is really above us. 


  1. Interesting! Hadn't heard of that one before!
    I do agree, like you say, that many of the ancient writings and pictographs provide some insight into this.
    Here's a show that relates to the rip in the fabric of the firmament, using Bill from 'Gravity Falls', connected to Cern and the spirit of the world system.
    Watched the full Hennessy Commercial. Isn't it something how 'socially conditioning' (keep focusing on the Masonic ring on his finger). The embryo looking thing, symbolizing a new birth with the 'seed' and the breaking of water. Read some of the comments. The Trolls and shills exhibited that 'mean vicious spirit' (like gremlins and sprits) with their snake attacking words, ripping. Very unappealing but showing of the mindset behind this and intentions - a new world without what they consider hinderance = us! And like, Nut, the merging is done during darkness of night, in Scripture refers to 'hidden, blindness - lack of light, understanding, godliness. Like Gen 1v2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    How commercials are being used even more today for the 'spirit of pride' 'lust of the flesh' and the recreation of mankind!

    1. Hi Thanks for links. They were well done. I had seen someone do a video on that park. It is creepy. I think theopenscrollblog or maybe freemantv. I want to say that the guy at open scroll said it was about the garden of eden and the fall of man and freeman talked about the harmonics and frequency of talking in certain areas of the park. Weird times we live in. Shills are really good at earning their paychecks and keeping people divided. What a souless job that would be and easy for negative energy to use.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This utuber has done up numerous analysis on the G. F.s series. Some of these fans are really into it!
      Plus he does such a good job, makes one wonder how he gets away with using all that material and getting away w/ it without be tagged w/ copyrights like the normal channel poster!
      I'm familiar w/ open scroll - haven't view his blog for some time.
      Yep, the lack of conscience shows the socio / psychopath teaching that's going on in this world's system today. This 'fraud acting prez' is a classic example. Stories out there that the World Crime Org. might just keep him in another term, since he does what they tell him to do. Don't know, but they're all creepy under the dome that 'Bill' was trying to get out of. Thing is, in order for them to go out of any restriction GOD has made, He's had to create something to be there or there isn't anything there! Can angels create things like God? Or can they only use what God already created to corrupt!

    4. Checked out the utuber. It is amazing he is not getting copyright tags.Maybe because he is using lots of pictures not video. In one of his videos, I think the weirdmaggedon one, he has an intro that is VERY masonic. It could be he is just intimating what he has seen but you have the reflection of as above so below and the red/blue and even the hypnotic countdown( like so many sports channels use and well as mnemonic circles.) I take breaks from open scroll but have all ways used him as a source of symbols. I did email him recently about the Fifa 2016 mascot and how I thought it was showing time travel portal and he agreed. Could be cern is just to get the fallen angels a way out of here. I do not think they can create it seems they can only use what is here or maybe they can do mutations to what is here. It is like the smoke monster in Lost. He finally found a loop hole that got him out but it took a long time and did not work right.

    5. Interesting about the smoke monster - not watched that show.
      Here's a short one from Bill's exit from this dimension:
      He wasn't sure about some of the words (a comment was made that it was 'I invoke the ...'), but you'll find the history of it at the end of interest. [The host of that channel does a really good job, maybe he's exempt from the copyright because of it. I think he just uses what they have and tweaks it some for his vids - that's why it's so Masonic!]
      It seems puzzle pieces come from a number of blogs and places to add to the bigger picture. Open Scroll adds some pieces. I checked his blog recently - just skimmed it. I get tired of hearing about the sickness of pedophiles and the perverted sexual things, so I look elsewhere. He does respectfully respond and comment - I emailed him some time ago about a logo and he replied quickly and nicely.
      About the spirits in hell:
      Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
      Jesus preached to spirits in Hell which were from the days of Noah:
      1 Peter 3:19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;
      How do you think Fifa 2016 mascot relates to cern? Just curious!

    6. Yeah it is amazing the amount of stuff coded in GF. I did a blog post about bill cypher and Xoloti. I know there is stuff I missed because so much is going on. I hope I answered your question about fifa mascot and cern in my latest post. I agree that there are puzzle pieces everywhere from those who are trying to figure stuff out. I agree about OpenScroll. I take breaks from his site because of that. About the spirits in hell, I think it is strange and telling that the UN has a station right outside where the beings supposedly are chained.

  2. Also came across this:
    There's more sites I viewed, but you know how to do that so I'll just leave this one to get you going! It depict the bazaar and reprobate mind & spirit behind things in the world's system and the direction they're going. It ties into the d.u.m.b. and the relocating (bugging out) elites. Thanks for sharing thoughts!