Monday, April 18, 2016

Magnetic Dip

Magnetic dip results from the tendency of a magnet to align itself with lines of force. As the Earth's magnetic lines of force are not parallel to the surface, the north end of a compass needle will point downward in the northern hemisphere (positive dip) or upward in the southern hemisphere (negative dip). The range of dip is from -90 degrees (at the South Magnetic Pole) to +90 degrees (at the North Magnetic Pole). Contour lines along which the dip measured at the Earth's surface is equal are referred to as isoclinic lines. The locus of the points having zero dip is called the magnetic equator or aclinic line

The phenomenon is especially important in aviation, as it causes the airplane's compass to give erroneous readings during banked turns and airspeed changes. The latter errors occur because the compass card tilts on its mount when under acceleration.[4]
Compass needles are often weighted during manufacture to compensate for magnetic dip, so that they will balance roughly horizontally. This balancing is latitude-dependent; see Compass balancing (magnetic dip) 
The standard practice when flying with a gyro-stabilized compass (or heading indicator) is to read the magnetic compass only while in straight and level unaccelerated flight. This reading is then used to set the gyro-stabilized compass. The gyro compass will read correctly in a turn, whereas the magnetic compass can't be read properly while turning. Thus the pilot will always ignore the magnetic compass while turning, but periodically check it in straight and level unaccelerated flight(per wikipedia)
I had never heard of magnetic dip before. I was reading comments on a flat earth video and someone brought this up. There is a more detailed explanation on wikipedia under aircraft compass turns about why magnetic dip causes errors. I wonder if the errors are more because we are on a flat plane. I have made magnets before and I do not remember there being a dip problem. I still think there are a lot of things that never take into account the curve of the earth that you would think would. There is flying where they seem to always want to keep things level except when landing or taking off. Run ways are usually one and a half to two and a half miles long with no curvature. When people shoot guns long distances, they allow for wind but not curvature. Surveyors do not put curvature into calculations from what I have been told. Suppercoliders are usually miles long and without curvature.Back in the day , people used smoke signals and I am thinking that works better on flat plane than curve but I can see how smoke signals could also work on a ball if the smoke went high enough.  So either the earth is bigger than they say or the math for the curvature they give us is not right or we live on a flat plane. 
There are some things about flat earth that do not make sense to me such as I think the map is wrong and I think the sun  and moon work differently than what is proposed with most flat earth models. I think that what the space agencies put out is fake. I think a lot of main stream science is made up of theories that have not been proven. I am not sure we will know what the answers really are but I still am in pursuit of the truth.  


  1. Once again, interesting topic.
    'The STARS declare the TRUTH! (Flat Earth)'
    Discovering societal agencies are based on the Lie Program, why would we think they'd teach this correctly?

    1. The Flat Earth Is Biblical Truth - The Satanic Deception Exposed

    2. Hi. I liked the videos. Thanks for the links. I think you and I are researching a lot of the same things. Glad we are able to help each other out.