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8 Balls

Image result for eight balls are demonsImage result for eight balls are demons

Image result for eight balls are demonsImage result for eight balls are demons

Image result for eight balls are demons

O.K. what is up with the 8 ball? It seems that the powers that be really want your attention focused on this in an innocent way such as a toy or a game or comic book or cartoon. 
In Gravity Falls, 8 Ball is an interdimensional demon who shows up in Weirdmaggedon . Santa(satan) and the eight ball kind of speaks for itself.
8 ball is a Marvel comic character. Then there is the game of pool with the 8 ball being important and racked up in a triangle. I grew up with the magic 8 ball toy. It has a floating triangle that answers your questions. You don't want to be behind the 8 ball. That means you are in a bad spot. 
In the Syfy show Dominion, the lower angels are called dogs of heaven or 8 balls. They are lower angels that posses humans and those possessed by them are called 8 balls. They are foot soldiers for the other angels. 

8-ball (zucchini), a variety of summer squash. "Eight-ball", nickname for a 40-ounce bottle of Olde English 800, a brand of malt liquor. Eight-ball, street slang for one-eighth ounce of powdered cocaine, amphetamine, or other illegal drug. A bloody mary made with V8 juice instead of tomato juice. 

As far as Gematia goes, magic ball =33  I did the numbers on eight of the twenty phrases a 8 ball gives and got :

  • It is certain. = 55
  • It is decidedly so.= 72
  • Without a doubt.= 53
  • Yes, definitely. = 59
  • You may rely on it. = 74
  • As I see it, yes.= 46
  • Most likely.= 42
  • Outlook good = 51
  • Origin[edit]

    An 8-ball was used as a fortune-telling device in the 1940 Three Stooges short, You Nazty Spy, and called a "magic ball". While Magic 8 Ball didn't exist in its current form until 1950, the functional component was invented by Albert C. Carter, inspired by a spirit writing device used by his mother, Mary, a Cincinnati clairvoyant. per wikipedia

"Eight" beckons us to transcend the constrictions of time and space, to see through a world that disguises G-dliness and threatens to engulf our souls in materiality. "Eight" calls us to see miracles in the order of nature, in confusing events of our individual and collective lives, in the hidden pathways of Divine Providence that guide us.
"Eight" can rouse us from our collective slumber. By reminding us of the time when G-d did indeed overtly "interfere" with and "alter" the "natural" course of history, it quickens our anticipation of the revelation of G-d's salvation that we await in our time.

Maybe this gives us some insight into what tptb see in the number 8. They seem to be worshipping a G-d but not the same one that I am. 

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