Monday, July 11, 2016

UEFA EURO 2016 Champs Portugal

                                     Image result for euro uefa 2016

                      Portugal 1  vs.  France 0

I was watching this game yesterday and I had an idea to check if the numbers of the players on each team have any meaning.
The team jersey numbers for Portugal were 1+3+4+5+7+10+14+16+17+21+23= 121(revelation)

The team jersey numbers for France(47) were
1+3+7+8+9+14+15+18+19+21+22= 137( 33rd prime number)

The game was played on 7/10/16  7+10+16=33
One Nil = 33  UEFA=33  left knee = 33 and funny enough Ronaldo hurt his left knee but was so happy to win that he was able to walk around a lot after the game and climb stairs. Must be adrenaline.  

There had been a trend lately in the home team losing and it was expected that France would win. Golden State had lost at home and the Sharks had lost at home being two examples this summer.  

I do not know what this has to do with anything but it was weird. There was a Silver Y Moth migration and moths were everywhere even attacking Ronaldo.
silver y moths = 47 in Chaldean

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