Saturday, July 30, 2016

Muslims in Beaumont and Hillary Clinton

So I was looking through some news articles and came across something I thought was interesting.
In January of 2016, Hillary Clinton made a stop in Texas for a private fundraiser and made $500,000. What caught my interest was where and who she met with. Here are two sights with accounts of what happened.


Photo of Hillary accepting a check for $500,000 from Pakistanis in Beaumont, Texas Yesterday

So I could see going to Houston but Beaumont? Also, I did not realize there were powerful Pakistanis in Texas.  Turns out that the party was given by Muhammad Tahir Javed who is CEO of Starco Impex Inc and Riceland Medical Center among other things.
When I googled Pakistanis in Beaumont, I got searches for cheap flights between Beaumont and Islamabad Pakistan.  Another interesting item about Beaumont is the zip codes are 77701- 77710 77713 77720 77725 77726    777 is order out of chaos. 
Also it turns out that Texas comes in 3rd behind New York and Ca. for most Mosques in State

A national survey of mosques found that a quarter of the 2,106 mosques were built in the past decade, most concentrated in major cities.
“New York still has the greatest number of Islamic centers – 257 – followed by 246 in California and 166 in Texas. Florida is fourth with 118,” the story said.
Several new Houston mosques have opened in the past few years, with others undergoing significant, multi-million dollar expansions in response to their growing congregations.
Houston is home to the biggest Muslim population in Texas and one of the largest in the South overall.
I should say that I do not have a problem with Pakistan. I have a good friend from there and I do not have problem with Islam . My main thing was that Beaumont has around 100,00 people and is a port town. So it was kind of under my radar for the amount of industry and money going in and out of there. 


  1. I'm sure she has her connections and indebtedness to many! Although I'm a bit surprised that they're that strong in TX. Where are the Rangers when you need 'um!
    Here's some things that might interest you:
    A clip: 3 a.m. | The SIMPSONS
    3 a.m. is the satanic occult bewitching hour - revealed in BFG movie.
    Disney's The BFG - Roald Dahl Secret Intelligence MI6 - Spielberg Illuminati Symbolism
    You might've already seen these, but they're standing out to me as relevant.
    I think he does a better insightful read. And what he exposes is sickening but that the mindset of the deprave (reprobate minds Romans 1:28 KJB).
    Another vid on it: BFG-Big Creepy Disney Illuminati Pedophile Giant
    In the movie Pan, kids get plucked out from their 'orphan beds' too in the early morning, just like in this show. I started watching some of the movie online and quit, it was creepy feeling and to think parents bring their kids to watch it at a theater taking it in fully - not understanding what they're digesting. 'But it's Disney! it's okay!'
    Is Hillary connected w/ this sort of thing and human trafficking and condone it?
    Lots of ugliness going on. Hope this wasn't too far off your topic!

    1. Yes there is a lot of ugliness going on. I have to take a break from it every so often. I know what you mean about watching movies and starting to feel creeped out. The wikiislam makes me feel sick. Thanks for the links on BFG. I do not think either one of them covered that BFG in caps the Francis Bacon way is 28+32+33=93 if my math is correct. 93 is the number of Thelema that Aleister Crowley started. The first video mentioned him and being MI6 and very into the acult. That was funny about the Tx Rangers. As all ways I enjoy your feedback and like trading ideas back in forth. :)

  2. A Thought: I wonder if the 'perverted globalist' are doing a social programming w/ snatching kids up at during the 3 a.m. hours. We know they're conditioning them at schools to be more under the authority of the State rather than their parents. Just something to keep an eye on.