Friday, July 22, 2016

Pi Day 7/22 and Time Travel

                                         Image result for pi day 7/22

           22 / 7 = 3.14285714286
                         PI = 3.14159265359

I was watching one of Max Spiers last videos yesterday. 
He was one of the  super soldier that had been whistle blowing on TPTB. 
He died this past weekend under strange circumstances. One of the things 
he said that I took notice to was that you had to have Pi to do time travel.
He was talking about Canterbury and how there was something magnetic under 
it and that all taxis from train station in Canterbury had the same numbers.
01227   the 0 was orifice   1 was phallus   227 was PI 22/7    Not sure
if any of the super soldier stuff is true but they release info for some reason. 
Could all be a red herring. I looked into some of the taxis.
Cab line 6 has a fun number  +44 1227 666 666   ZCars is +44 01227 444 444
Longleys +44 01227 710777  
   Image result for cab 6 taxi canterbury
Time = 47   Circles = 33/69    Clock= 44   Taxi Cab = 60    like sec/min in time

Here is Max's last interview. It is hard to listen to for many reasons.

Wonder is today we will have any more Mandela effects? 

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