Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fill the Mall

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There is an event today 7/16/16 ( 777  if you add 1 + 6 from 16) at the mall in D.C. called reset 2016 and their slogan is fill the mall. Let's go to the numbers.
I went to their website and got these phrases

777 = order out of chaos and is motto for freemasons 33rd degree

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Fill the Mall = 47    Together 2016   together = 44 (kill)  
together national mall = 222  I'm going = 47 

The color scheme is red/blue blending to purple. Masonic colors and coding.

I would like to think that this is a great event and lots of positive things will come from it but the numbers make me suspicious. A lot of the time it is like I live in two worlds. One before I knew what what being coded and the one I live in now with this extra knowledge. It does feel like a as above so believe type of looking at the world. 


  1. Glad to see you mentioned it. Considering who's involved and that it's being 'allowed' to go on are all pointing to the Agenda. Anytime the pope and bari are together we know that's not for our best!
    Here's one guy that states number and something you might find interesting: The Reset Together - Ritual Code - Discussion
    9/23 he deems significant, were it was held and the symbols in the background.

  2. Hi,
    He really likes the numbers 9 23 and 24. Not sure I would cherry pick the way he has but he makes and OK argument. This does push an agenda. I am looking at dates this month that go with 777-order out of chaos such as 7/21 or 7/25 or even 7/29 because they like 11 so much. 2+9. Hope nothing happens but ya never know. Thanks for link. ( I replied to your comment days ago and saw where it did not post so I am reposting. Hope it works this time)

    1. Yes, worked, thanks :)
      Nice to bounce these thoughts off each other. I see your point about this months #'s. Really they would've even have to do a major false flag, rather just continue to turn the heat up on the stove with the frog in it the pot, who's thinking one thing but really it's dreaming! BUT the main spiritual force behind it all wants the 'awake' worship and obedience of the masses, which is the true Agenda. That together Reset event might have been used for some good and truth, but the real intent was something else (I think we both agree). But I'm glad it wan't a massive false flag!