Thursday, July 14, 2016

This and That on BLM and Day of Rage

I am going to note a few things just to have a record of them.  had some items that I saw in one place that was around the internet this week. They are a good link farm on news. 

One item of interest is that #Black lives matter is being funded by George Soros. He also helped fund the wall street protests.   
This article covers it in more detail.

Another item of interest is two craig's list ads for crisis actors needed for Colorado  Nov. 14-17, 2016 and Florida. Not sure dates on Florida. 
Nov. 14 has 47 days remaining till end of year. They advertised in Toronto.   This article covers it in more detail.

The last item happens Friday 7/15/16 and is being called Day of Rage at many cities across America. Day of Rage is being put on by Anonymous.  There is a list at this website of cities. Of course Austin is in the mix.   Obama met with leader of BLM today. Hopefully they are not joining anonymous tomorrow.

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