Monday, August 29, 2016

Nasa and the Ok hand sign

US Air Force Lt. Col. John "Shorty" Powers popularized the expression "A-ok" while NASA's public affairs officer for Project Mercury, and was reported as attributing it to astronautAlan Shepard during his Freedom 7 flight.[1][2] However, the NASA publication This New Ocean: A History of Project Mercury says in a footnote: "A replay of the flight voice communications tape disclosed that Shepard himself did not use the term." and that "Tecwyn Roberts of STG and Capt. Henry E. Clements of the Air Force had used 'A.OK' frequently in reports written more than four months before the Shepard flight."[3][4] Apparently, the first documented use of "A-ok" is contained within a memo from that Tecwyn Roberts, a Flight Dynamics Officer, to Flight Director (entitled "Report on Test 3805", dated Feb 2, 1961) in penciled notes on the countdown of MR-2 (Mercury-Redstone 2), dated Jan[uary] 31, 1961.[3][5] In his book The Right Stuff author Tom Wolfe wrote that Powers had borrowed it from NASA engineers who used it during radio transmission tests because "the sharper sound of A cut through the static better than O".[2]
The phrase can be accompanied by, or substituted with, the A-OK sign   per wikipedia
That sounds all nice.  Project Paperclip tells us that German scientist came to America and some went to work for Nasa. I kinda think they have a double meaning going on with this sign.
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Here is America you will take that to mean everything is OK or I have zero. If you have been down the rabbit hole a bit you will see this as 666 and mark of the beast. Celebrities sure do love this sign. 
 Image result for celebrities doing 666 signImage result for celebrities doing 666 sign
Image result for celebrities doing 666 signImage result for celebrities doing 666 sign

There is a Youtuber I have been watching and he does the OK sign and the peace sign and says "peace and blessings".  Someone commented about him flashing the mark of the beast while saying blessings and his reply was that in other parts of the world, a circle was a sign of peace.  He is from UK and is Muslim and is now in UAE so I was kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt. 
I was thinking of this as another example of how TPTB keep us divided. Like the 666 being mark of beast in west and good luck in Asia. 
I started looking into Muslim hand signs or gestures but did not find an OK or peace sign as anything related to them. 
I did find out that the OK sign in Mediterranean, Russia, Brazil and Turkey was a sexual insult. In Tunisa , France and Belgium it was 0 or worthless.
The Peace sign with your palm towards your face(which is what this youtuber does) means peace, rabbit ears or the number 2 here but in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Malta it means something ruder like up yours.  
I have a hard time believing this Youtuber is really making a rude gesture. He is mainly showing what life is like for him and his young family in the UAE. He seems to be trying to show a positive example of being a Muslim man. It is refreshing to see in light of so much negativity.  
Note to self, if I every go abroad, keep your hands from making gestures. That will be super hard for me because I talk with my hands a lot. :)


  1. I know what you mean, using our hands! I've caught myself doing the 'OK' sign and have been trying to 'break' - a habit from when I was kid! Now I try to do the 'thumb up' sign instead! It just shows that something can be healthy and innocent but the corrupt and perverted will always flip it to be something the opposite!
    You show the Beatles - w/ the fake Faul. Here's one for you:

    1. Thanks for the link. Yep I had looked into the Paul/Faul a while back. There are lots of evidence that support that theory. I think the height difference and left hand/right hand thing kind of nail it.

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