Friday, August 5, 2016

Moon Key and Moon Money

Image result for moon moneyImage result for moon money

Image result for moon moneyImage result for moon money

So I was researching about the sun and moon and stumbled across something
interesting.  So  mon = moon   so money is moon money. When I did google search of images I started seeing ties to moon and belief in money images. 
We are in the year of the Monkey  or Moon Key. Not sure if moon is just female energy as opposed to the sun male energy or if the moon is negative energy to the sun's positive energy or both. As humans we are compelled to look at sun rises and sun sets. I think we get nourishment from that light. We know that information can travel through light. I know that lots of civilizations used to think that God was in the sun and did not have sun worship so much as used that symbol to represent the info they were getting from their God.  Usually they tell you it was all sun worship and there are some that are worshiping a God that I am not and use the sun as a symbol for that God. It makes you look at Solomon in a new way. Sun is sol and mon is moon so maybe Solomon's temple is this plane we are living in. Some say that the financial system will crash this year which in light of it being year of the moon key and moon money being tied with that, it just might. I think the moon is negative and cold so it would make sense bad things are happening. 
When I was looking up monkey, I found a programming language called Monkey X. X sure does seem to be important.  Think Space X, X files, Xmen, Gen X, Planet X, X-rated, XXX, X marks the spot, Malcom X, Louis X, Xbox. X can be a symbol of change or transformation. In cartoons, x goes on the eyes when someone dies. Someone said that X used to be an old symbol for the moon but all I could find was the Korean symbol for moon/knowledge

                                                 Image result for korean name for moon

Kind of concerns me that Texas is only state with X in it and the 33rd parallel runs through it. Texas could have easily been named Tejas. Makes me wonder about Mexico too. These are crazy times we live in. 


  1. Interesting.
    X marks the spot. : /

  2. Signs and symbols. Here's one for you: Freemasonry & Safeway - Bank Of America - Walgreens - Diamonds Heights San Francisco, CA
    Numbers, like you point out, used in their religion as 'to gain power' - divide and conquer.

  3. Hi DC, thanks for link. Glad you found post interesting. Russianvids does a good job breaking thinks down. It is amazing how many corporate names = 33 once you start looking.

  4. Just saw this and thought you'd like to view it: Louisiana flooding August 2016, mother nature, or mad science? HAARP, Chemtrails & Weather Warfare
    With the media pushing 'flooding' (Noah's) this strikes the note of human sicko involvement.