Friday, October 30, 2015

Something Will Hit The Earth Season

It seems that about this time for the past few years the Earth is in peril of something hitting us.
Sometimes it is a comet that is suppose to break off and hit Earth and sometimes it is an asteroid. For some reason it seems to happen around this time from Nov - Jan.  I have been wondering what it will be this year. Love the name on this one WT1190F space debris. People have been calling it the WTF
junk. It is suppose to land in the water around Sri Lanka on November 13,2015. I am pretty sure nothing will happen like it has in past years. I will point out that in Gematria that 119= Star of David, All Seeing Eye, Star Wars, and Milky Way. The thing about Gematria is that there are a lot of words that equal 119 and are not bad but it is strange how things link up.

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