Tuesday, October 27, 2015


There has been lots of talk on the news lately of Hurricane Patrica that was biggest hurricane ever and then fizzled out quickly. It reminded me of Hurricane Sandy that did the same. Anyway besides suspecting that this storm was man made it made me notice the word Cane again. That comes up a lot. There is Cane and Abel from the Bible. Someone can be raising cane. There is a Canes chicken chain. You have canine. And you have Hurricanes. I have been following the etymology of Cane for a year or so.
One of my favorite creation stories is from Hawaii. There you have the God Kane who created life. He made things on land and matching thing in the sea. For example he made grass on the land and sea grass for the ocean. He loved all life and did not want any sacrifices.
The Myan God Huracan which is where we get the name Hurricane was similar in that he helped create life but he could be angry and made wind and storms. He also brought the great flood. One interesting thing that he did was humans used to be able to fly and see far away and see into rocks. He took that away from humans. I had read other tales that ancient humans could see far away and knew things about what was coming or could see into the future but the flying and seeing in rock was a new one for me. Not sure why you would need to see into rocks but that would be kind of cool.
I think it is interesting that in the Bible Cane is horrible and the first murderer and in other parts of the world he was a God. One nice and one very moody.

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