Thursday, June 2, 2016

What Hands Tell Us

Since the Obama's have been in office and even before, I remember hearing rumors that he was gay and she was a dude. There have been all sorts of videos and blog posts about this. When Joan Rivers said Michelle was a tranny and Obama was gay and then she died mysteriously, the stories really ramped up.
Then someone came up with the "scientific" proof that "all medical examiners know this" line of reasoning that hands were different. The hands are the smoking gun on if a person is a man or a woman. Well I remember looking at these pictures a year or two ago and looking at my hands. I am not a dude nor do I want to be a dude. I am very much a woman and I like being a woman. By this hand criteria I am a dude. So of course I started doing some research and found that your hand shape and size have a lot to do with how much testosterone your mother had in her when she conceived and what she past on to you.  Michelle might very well be Michael but you need to use different criteria than just the hand test. 

Research suggests that the length of your ring finger can reveal the amount of exposure you have had to testosterone, when you are a fetus in the womb. Exposure to testosterone at that stage has a profound effect on your behaviour and susceptibility to diseases, according to research. People with shorter index fingers tend to be more aggressive -and have more willingness to take risks. The length of your fingers can also predict how prone you are to diseases.
Compare your left hand to the image above. Out of A, B and C, which one does it resemble?

If your left hand resembles image A:

Research suggests that people who have longer ring fingers than index fingers are generally charming- which others find irresistible. They are beautiful in appearance, and a bit more aggressive. They are also more willing to take risks easily. Usually, these people belong to the following professions: chess player, engineer, soldier. They also tend to earn more than people with shorter ring fingers. They are also successful in solving crosswords.
  Mine resembles A, if you want to know more click on the link above picture. 

Your hand size can tell if you are more prone to cancer or how well you might do on SATs.            
SAT performance
Many of the finger-length correlations hold true in men only, but some apply to women as well.
For children of both sexes, digit ratio was linked to scores on the SATcollege admission exam, a 2007 study published in the British Journal of Psychology found.
A team of scientists made photocopies of children's palms and measured their digit ratios. Then the researches compared these measurements with boys' and girls' performances on the SAT. Both boys and girls whose index fingers were shorter than their ring fingers scored higher, on average, in the math section than the verbal. And girls with larger digit-ratios (ring fingers longer than index fingers) scored better on the verbal portion of the test than the math one, the study found


  1. This brought to mind the old belief that a criminal can be spotted by his thumb!
    Occultist have used the hands and feet to read futures and tell what kind of person a person is. BUT, the length of ones finger prove what one's sex is? Obviously not conclusively and there are variations, as you point out!
    When putting this in context regarding America's '1st lady', or 'queen' in this case, here's another vid:
    The point is to show that the shadow elites can put in whoever they want and amuse themselves at the gullibility of the masses that they've dumbed-down! America having a queen and not even realizing it.

    1. Good video. Do you think they will have an official reveal of
      who they really are before they leave office?

    2. I don't know if they'll reveal who they are or not. Some think this 'plant' will stay in because of a martial law take over and the election be postponed. BUT, who knows, when dealing w/ liars and insanity (un-normal in their thinking and actions), who's to say.
      Remember, the one factor they don't consider is God intervening. The devils know there's a coming a time when they're going to be tormented (What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time? Matt 8:29) and that time seems to be known by them, because they state 'before the time' as if that 'time wasn't yet'. Weird and Strange things, going on in the unseen realm manifesting in the physical one. It's like a stage show all being played out, the longer it goes on the more immoral and unethical it gets, so having a fag and trans as position holders of power isn't far fetch! (today that's considered 'hate speech' 10 yrs ago not - just fact).

    3. I know if you go back and watch old comedians from 70's and 80's, it is amazing what they can get away with saying vs now a days.