Sunday, May 8, 2016


According to author William Henry, the ancient world knew of special connecting places between heaven and earth that were called Tula or the City of Peace, and were considered the navel or center of the world.  Mesoamericans such as the Mayans, Asians and Egyptians all believed in a special place on the earth where star people came and deposited great libraries of wisdom inside crystal repositories.   Almost always, these connecting places or "docking stations" are referenced by the name Tula.

Antarctica - Tula Mountains and Tula Point
Iran - Tula, Iran
Italy - Tula, Italy
Kenya - Garba Tula a town and Garba Tula Airport
Mexico - Atotanilco de Tula, Roman Catholic Diocese of Tula, Tula the Toltec Capital, Tula,Hidalgo Tula, Tamaculupas Tula, Muniopality 
Union de Tula a river in Central America
Mongolia - Tula/Tola Tuul River
Russia - Tula, Oblast (Tula Ammo) Tula, Russia
US- Tula,Mississippi  Tula American Samoa villiage in Eastern Tutuila

Tula Native American Tribe
Tula Language in Savanna Eastern Nigeria

Tula Russian Gingerbread

The internet cannot seem to decide on a  meaning of Tula. I saw where is was Choctaw for to be tranquil, Sanskrit for born under sign of Libra and German for strength.  

The capital or main village of the Tula people in America and the Keepers of Manataka was Tanico located approximately 40 miles southwest of Manataka (Hot Springs) in the area known today as Caddo Gap, Arkansas.  The well-worn foot paths between Manataka and Tanico later turned into horse trails, then wagon roads and survives to this day as Highway 70 West.

I do not know if what William Henry said is true but there does seem to be a lot of Tula's around the world. 

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  1. Interesting. The Hopi spoke of the Ancient ones that lived in caves in the Grand Canyon. These 'spirits' had great knowledge, etc. Scripture tells of the fallen angels and the devil (god of this world - usurping the position from Adam when he fell/separated from God) who is the prince of the air, and that's who we're more in line w/ unless we're connected back w/ our True Creator God: Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Eph 2:2 (KJV). The Hopi were afraid of the 'ancient ones' - repeated them, but realized they had powers they didn't and stayed away from them! Here's one link:
    The very 'Truth' that saves us is the one, because of our fallen nature we reject, and rather gravitate to the fallen angels and dark cherubim that beguiles us away from God -just as he did Eve.