Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 Codes and Prince

Ten-codes, officially known as ten signals, are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in voice communication, particularly by law enforcement and in Citizens Band (CB) radio transmissions

Radios in the 1930s were based on vacuum tubes powered by a small motor-generator called a dynamotor. The dynamotor took from 1/10 to 1/4 of a second to "spin up" to full power. Police officers were trained to push the microphone button, then pause briefly before speaking; however, sometimes they would forget to wait. Preceding each code with "ten-" gave the radio transmitter time to reach full power. An APCO Bulletin of January 1940 lists codes assigned as part of standardization(per wikipedia)

10-4  message received    10-20  what is your location   10-33 emergency  
In popular culture, people might say "what's your 20?" .  There are police scanner codes such as code
blue  for a bus or cab in trouble and code red for alarm activated and code purple for gang activity. 

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Image result for symbol for princeImage result for symbol for prince
If you combine Mars and Venus (male and female) symbols and add a horn you get the Symbol that Prince used. Venus/Mars = 33. He very much pushed the blurring of male and female lines agenda of today. There are lots of conspiracies on the truther sites that cover Prince's death and do a much better job than I can.
I will add a thought or two. 
Image result for prince 2010 album This is his 2010 album released in 2010. It looks like the Jupiter symbol was added to his name symbol.  It could also be a 10 code for location. His tour for this album started in Denmark(66) and ended in France(47) for first leg of tour and Norway(33) to Belgian(33). He had a special stop to play Grand Prix(57 the age he died at) at United Arab Emirates(77). The final stop was in the Netherlands(42 chaldean). This seems to have been his last big tour. For all his independence, he seemed to be like any other artist of today, marked with numbers of the industry. He did a brief tour this year in New Zealand(42) and Australia(30) starting in Melbourne(42) called the Piano and a Microphone Tour.  It was only in February(42). Freemason(42) As we all these celebrities deaths lately, I do not know if they are really dead or they have gone of to live somewhere else.  


  1. Maybe the 'evils that be' are pulling out the ones they like best and hiding them out - keeping them safe from the big bang to come. Some indicate that Prince was a clone. He did look young for 57.

  2. Could be. I am not sure what is going on. I still think there is extra land they could easily put people on.

  3. Here's one you might like to view: http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com