Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Prediction for Super Bowl 50

O.K. I am probably the least qualified person to make a sports prediction. I am not basing this on facts, figures or stats. I am basing my prediction on a commercial.

Image result for peyton manning nationwide commercialIn the Nationwide commercial, Peyton Manning is saying "epic comeback starts right here". He hits the ball and the kid he is playing totally beats him. They have been playing up the fact that Manning is the oldest quarter back to be in Super Bowl. His story this year has been of him needing to recover from injury and getting to better to lead his team to the Super Bowl. That is your "Epic Comeback".The numbers on epic comeback are 44/50/86. 44 also equals to kill as does being eighty-sixed. He is going to be in Super Bowl 50. In one of the promo pictures for the super bowl, it looks like Cam is shooting Peyton with his hand. He could also be doing devil horns.

Image result for super bowl 50

My prediction is that the Panthers win Super Bowl 50 .

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