Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Salvation Bracelets, Chakras and Medicine Wheels

Image result for salvation braceletImage result for colored beads to show christianityImage result for salvation bracelet

Image result for chakrasImage result for hinduism colors for north west east south

Image result for medicine wheelImage result for medicine wheel
Image result for ancient view of the universeImage result for mt meru buddhism

I think it is interesting how the same themes and colors are depicted around the world. From the top there is the Salvation Bracelet that Christians use to teach their religion. There are the Hindu believes of the Chakra and their gods in the wheel next to Chakras. We have a Native American medicine wheel and another medicine wheel with lotus flower. Next is the Buddha view of the world and Mayan view of the world. Notice the colors for different directions. Each direction had its color. I think this view of the world might be why the pyramids around the world have levels.

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